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Glass Replacements are Possible in 99.9% of ALL Window & Door Systems

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Glass can be replaced 99.9% of the time

Beware! Don't let companies tell you that your glass cannot be replaced.

During consultations with homeowners we are often told how they had other companies tell them that their glass cannot be replaced, or that the cost of replacing the entire window would only be slightly higher than just replacing the glass.  This is not true 99.9% of the time.

Nearly every manufacturer designs their windows in a way that if glass were broken it can easily be replaced. Colorado Glass Specialists has replaced glass (in windows and doors) for thousands of customers throughout the front range and have only come across 2 window systems that were not able to be re-glazed (the process of replacing glass in a window or door).

Glass Replacements can save you thousands of dollars

There are many reasons that a homeowner will need to replace the glass in their windows and doors.  Glass units in a window or door may break, condensation may build between panes, greater efficiency may be desired, privacy or security may be necessary, or a reduction in noise may be needed.  In any case, replacing glass in a window or door is possible and should be considered before deciding to replace an entire window. Doing so could save you thousands of dollars. If a contractor tells you that a glass unit cannot be replaced, a second opinion is strongly encouraged.

Recently, a client requested quotes from three very well known glass companies.  The client had a double-paned glass unit was damaged due to a grill that was being used, near a wood casement window - on a cold night.  The heat from the grill caused the exterior pane to crack.

All three glass companies told our client that there was no way to replace the glass unit.  They all proposed the alternative - replacing the entire triple casement window (three casement windows side by side, connected together through common framing).  The price for replacing the entire large window was so outrageous that the homeowner called two major window manufacturers to see what they would charge for replacing the window.  The window companies agreed that the only solution would be to replace the large window. The average cost between all five companies was $2,700.

This client’s insurance company had suggested reaching out to another glass company before opening a new claim - to have the window replaced.  Through a referral, Colorado Glass Specialists was able to replace the glass unit for our client for about $300.

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